3 X Tungsten Slide Rings


Arm Color

  • Red
  • Black


  • Regular (Regular Sized Fingers)
  • Small (Small Fingers)
  • Extra-Large (XL Fingers)


This Order is for three Tungsten Slide Rings.
Tungsten Slide Rings Stats and Sizing Information:

Tungsten Steel is very dense which results in a fantastic tone for slide guitar!

Almost as hard as diamond, Tungsten steel is highly resistant to abrasion

Ultra smooth surface finish

Black Mountain slide rings allow you to bar, fret, and play chords with four fingers the way you always play, but switch to slide guitar whenever you feel the urge!

The Freedom Ring!
Comes in Three Different Sizes: Small, Regular, and Extra Large.

If your fingers are regular-sized, order Regular, if your fingers are smaller or larger than most people, order Small or Extra-Large accordingly.  The spring arm adapts to your finger and makes for a very comfortable fit!  Almost everybody makes the right decision when they order their Black Mountain Slide.  Order with confidence– satisfaction is guaranteed!