Púas de Pulgar Black Mountain

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Toca Como Tú Quieras

Usa tus dedos . . . usa una púa . . . cambia entre tus dedos y una púa cuando sientas la necesidad. 

Púa de nailon de 1,5 mm con bordes biselados.  Muy rápida  

El anillo cónico del pulgar se ajusta a pulgares diestros medianos, grandes y extra grandes.  Muy cómodo.  

Combina las técnicas de thumpicking y flatpicking en tu propia expresión musical.  

La Primera Púa de Pulgar con Resorte del Mundo

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"Part of My Hand Now"

They immediately felt natural as a thumb pick.  It took me about a week to become accustomed to them for flat picking, but once I did, I'm every bit as fast as I was with a flat pick.  Furthermore, they corrected a problem I'd had for years where I'd use the side of my thumb as a depth guide, which led to problems on the low E string.  
Anyway, this thing is like part of my hand now.

Ned Henson

"One Pick to Rule them All!"

Love the Black Mountain pick. Great to be able to mix flat picking and 
finger picking in a song without having to figure out where to hold the 
flat pick!
The combined function of this pick is brilliant!

One pick to rule them all!

Doug Jeffery

I love my thumb pick!

I started playing with Black Mountain thumb pick six months ago and It’s flexible hinge makes for the perfect fit -I barely notice it’s there, light yet solid.  I love my thumb pick! 

Sydney Vermont

Fabulous Pick!

Fabulous pick! Strong, great control, improved depth and warmth of guitar tone.

Lea Johnson

I'm surprised it hadn't been invented before!

It helps me focus more on playing than thinking about the pick. I'm surprised it hadn't been invented before! It just makes sense.

Paul Whittle

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"Un Nuevo Tipo de Púa"

Después de cientos de prototipos, incontables horas de modelado en 3D y muchísimos consejos y comentarios de guitarristas, nació la púa de pulgar Black Mountain!”

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Estilos fingerstyle y flatpicking en perfecta armonía

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