Tungsten Slide Ring Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which size of slide ring to order?

Thank you for your interest in the slide ring!  Here's some information on sizing that I hope will help you make your decision.  

I recommend to my customers to trust their gut instinct when it comes to ordering the correct size.  If you know that your fingers are slightly smaller or larger than the average finger size, then I would go ahead and order Small or Extra-large accordingly.  If you think your fingers are of average size, then you can order Regular size.  I find that almost everybody has a good sense of how big their fingers are in relation to other people and make the right decision when they order their Black Mountain slide ring.

  The cool thing about the Black Mountain slide ring is that the spring-loaded arm makes it a universal fit and so you don't need the exact right size for the slide ring to fit.  The plastic arm will conform to the size of your finger and make it comfortable and stable.

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  If you would prefer to measure your finger to find out which slide to order, please refer to the below instructions.  

1) take a piece of string, thread, or dental floss and wrap it around the middle segment of your middle finger (refer to the picture below to understand that the slide is designed to be worn on the middle segment of your middle finger).  

(We don’t have this picture yet but will insert it before launching the website)

2) stretch out the piece of string and measure how long it is.  This will give you the circumference of the middle segment of your middle finger.

3) Refer to the chart below to pick the size which is best for your finger.  


Smaller than 2 1/4 inches (57mm) 


Between 2 1/4 inch (57mm) and 2 5/8 inch (66mm)


Larger than 2 5/8 inches (66mm)

I hope this information helps you make your decision!

Here is a link to order!


Can I wear the Black Mountain slide ring on any finger?

Although you can wear the black mountain slide ring on your pinky or ring finger, I believe that you get the maximum benefit from wearing the slide on the middle segment of your middle finger.  When you wear the slide on your middle finger, you can use your pinky and ring to bar, and you can play four-finger chords and scales.  You basically can forget you're even wearing the slide, and play normally- the way you always play with four fingers.  The slide is just there for whenever you feel the urge to slide!  This is very powerful, and something that I think you will enjoy greatly once you become accustomed to it!  

  Having said this, you are obviously free to wear the slide ring on any finger you want to!  Some great players have worn slide rings on their pinky or ring finger so what do I know!  

  If you play slide on your ring or pinky finger normally, it will take a few dozen hours to train your muscle memory to play slide with your middle finger.  It doesn’t take that long at all, and it’s easy to adjust with a bit of practice.

I ordered a slide ring and it’s too small or too large.  What should I do?

Please email me at blackmountainpicks@gmail.com and I will take care of you.