Pre-Order: Black Mountain Thumb Picks (Left Handed)

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Dear Left Handed Customers,

  We are a new company with only one product- right handed thumb picks.  We are not happy about this and we want to have left handed picks for sale as soon as possible.  In order to speed up this process, we have created this pre-order campaign with a fundraising goal of 7,000. 

Here are the facts about the campaign:

1) We are committed to purchasing the mold by Oct. 29th wether we reach the goal of 7,000 or not.  If you pre-order picks, you will receive them by the end of 2020 or your money back.  We expect it will be much sooner than this!    

2) The product development phase is finished and we are ready to order the mold.  This campaign is not for an abstract product which doesn't exist.  Black mountain picks are proven to be one of the best thumb picks on the market and we have thousands of happy customers to back this up.  We just need to make a pick for lefties!  

3) Everybody who pre-orders picks will be part of an email list and will receive updates on the status of the campaign. 

If you want to pre-order, but have more questions, don't hesitate to email us at 

Let's get this done!  



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