Black Mountain Slide Ring Instruction Video

How to use your

Black Mountain® Slide Ring

Check out this video where RJ shows you how to get started with your Black Mountain slide! 


Copy and paste this link into your browser to download the accompanying tablature

How to wear your slide

The Black Mountain slide ring is meant to be worn on the middle segment of your middle finger as shown in the picture below.  The spring loaded arm should clamp your middle finger between the arm and the metal ring.  This enables you to take full advantage of being able to play normally with four fingers, but have the option to play slide whenever you want to!

How to place your slide on the strings

Float the slide above the frets on the strings of your guitar without pressing down too hard.  If you hear the clicking of the frets when you slide, then you are pressing too hard. 

How to get a clean sound

Mute the strings behind the slide with your index to achieve a clean sound as shown in the picture below

How to get a raggedy slide sound

When you put the slide on the strings without muting behind it with your index, you will get a raggedy sound.