Asteroid Pick Frequently Asked Questions

What are the stats on the three different parts of the Asteroid pick?
BLUE Nylon Tip

0.6mm– Flexible and great for strumming.

BLACK Ultem Tip

1.5mm– Pointed, frictionless tip, incredible for fast lead playing. 

RED Acetal tip

1.5mm– Round, soft material.  Full-bodied, soulful tone.  

Three metal eyelets provide an incredible grip surface.

When are my picks coming?

We ship all orders of Asteroid picks within 2 business days as letter mail from Canada and we often ship orders the same day.  Because we ship the picks as letter mail, we are able to offer free shipping to North America, and very reasonable international rates.  
Shipping times are 2 weeks within North America, and 2-6 weeks international.  The picks usually arrive earlier than this, but I ask that my customers please wait until this time has passed before reaching out to see where your order is. 

If your order doesn’t arrive within these time frames, I may ask you to wait a little bit longer, but at a certain point I will conclude something went wrong and I will ship another order right away for free.  I always include a free pick for any order that I have to ship again to make up for the delay.  I take care of my customers no matter what, and you will receive your picks or a refund guaranteed!