Témoignages de nos clients


I just want to say thank you for solving a dilemma that I have had for probably 33 years!
I have never been able to get past the problem of pick vs. fingers (vs. thumb pick) until now. A few thumb picks would sort of work….but not really. And more and more I would find myself dispensing with them, as well as flat picks….especially in the studio.
Now I can just play.
Once again, thank you so much and PLEASE keep up the good work!
-Chris Cottros
Nashville, TN

Just a note to say that after over 50 years of playing guitar you have produced the perfect pick for my right hand technique. Thank you,

-Boot Calkins

Wow this thing can really give tremendous sound Cole! I’m a beginner with the slide having only learned a little some time ago but I’ve been doing lessons from the slide lesson y’all sent. I’m very happy with the beautiful sound and fit. Thanks once more Cole!


Super cool! I actually just received my regular in the mail today and it is veryyyyy cool. Definitely the most comfortable and most tone having ring slide I’ve used thus far. The spring load is fantastic. Definitely the best. Hard to notice it’s there.



Got a slide and the thumb pick set love em!! Great quality products!



I received the picks , thank you very much . I took to them like a duck to water! I've used flat picks and thumb picks forever .  I've gotta say , none feels, works, and sounds as natural as Black Mountain !


-W.C. Wells
I've just received my ThumbPicks, and I just want to say thank you. They are awesome, the best Thumbick/picks I ever used. I feel free to play now :)
These slides are great. Once I tried it, I was hooked. I haven’t been able to put it down. So much fun. Thanks for a great product!!!
I purchased 3 of your heavy picks best I have ever used. Now that you offer mediums I am anxious to try them. Later I hope to try the jazz tips. Thanks for your product.     Very happy customer,  Jimmy.      P S.  Very glad your business is surviving the pandemic.  Best to you!
A few words about your amazing Black Mountain thumbpicks:
I learned fingerstyle guitar when I was 14 or 15 but, try as I might, never could get the hang of a thumbpick. After four or five failures I surrendered. In my twenties I made an album and went on tour, banging away with my fingers that often leave blood all over my Martin D-35 by the end of a show.
The last thumbpick I gave up on was a pick stuck in a strip of Velcro that wrapped around the thumb. A definite improvement, but it flopped around and I still couldn't get it.
Then, earlier this summer, I went to the Tacoma Vintage Guitar Show and watched two spellbinding performances by Doyle Dykes, an absolute world class fingerstyle player in the same league, I believe, as the great Tommy Emmanuel.
Anyway, Dykes inspired me to give thumbpicks another go. 
But what thumbpick?
I began an online search to see what was out there and Black Mountain showed up.
Hmm. A spring-assisted pick with a finger wrap. Intriguing.This was worth a try.
I ordered a sample pack and, within a day or two after they arrived, the picks felt like I'd been using them all my life.
A true game changer.
I settled on mediums and ordered a dozen more. After a few weeks of woodshedding, I performed live with one of them for the first time. Two hours straight with my Gibson SJ-300. It was a fabulous being able to play crisp loud bass lines and then instantly switch to flatpicking or strumming.
I have a renewed love and energy for guitar playing thanks to Black Mountain thumbpicks.
Rock On!
Hi Cole I got my ring and I absolutely love it! The adjustable arm inside to keep it snug and in place is a super fantastic idea! It allows me to play more accurately than the larger types. You're a genius... thank you so much for inventing this. Super cool 😎😊🥰🤩

I tried these over the past year, and haven’t looked back. BMP is simply how I play now!

- Greg


Thanks for sending me to Black Mountain picks which have been a wonderful addition to my guitar playing. I’ve been a flat picker and a finger picker with a thump pick for many years but have always done so separately. These picks allow me to alternate styles in the same song which has been quite stimulating and fun.
I just got my slide ring today, and I wanted to let you know that it is probably the best investment I've ever made in my guitar (second only to a tube amp). Playing with it is not only insanely fun, but it's also pointed out some weaknesses in my playing! Sliding to a note gives me instant feedback on what pitch I'm fretting. Whereas if I have to fret it, I'm guess and checking. I love the ability to swap between normal fretting and sliding on the fly, it allows for some really interesting licks without getting in the way. Absolutely wonderful!
Seriously, thank you from the bottom of my heart for making something so great. Have a wonderful day.
- Jack 


I just wanted to contact you and tell you how much I like your picks. I am not new to playing guitar since I started playing when I was 9 years old and I just turned 71. I started playing in bands at 14 and I currently play in a country/oldies band, a bluegrass band and a gospel band. I play acoustic and electric guitar, Dobro, lap steel and banjo. I flat pick and do a lot of fingerpicking plus the finger work on the slide guitars and banjo. With that being said I am always looking for new and innovative tools of my hobby and I thought your picks might be just that. My kids and grandkids are always wanting to know what I want for Christmas and this year I told them Black Mountain picks.
I love them!!!!! They are now my favorite flat pick and thumb pick. The sound is clear and the comfort is ideal. I probably have 150 thumb picks of all brands and styles and I have shaped them and heated them to try to create just what I needed but none of them were quite right until I got your picks.
- Art
Dear Mr. Cole McBride,
I herby would like to inform you that I very much enjoy the thumbpicks as well as the slide ring I ordered from your online store. They play magnificently with my resonator guitar as well as my electric and are nothing less but inspiring to use. The joy of switching between a campfire strum and a delta blues lick marvels my senses. Indeed your contraptions are something I consider absolutely phenomenal and therefore wish only the greatest of success to you!

Happy fingerpicking regards from Austria!
 I'd like to really call out some great customer service. I messed up my order and when I contacted the Black Mountain team, Cole addressed and resolved the situation within a couple hours by personally reaching out to me and taking care of it. I really appreciate his help. The picks are great by the way, very comfortable to use and a good way to convert from my old flat picks. Thanks! 
- Randy 

Thanks so much for your innovative pick design.  I am a 40 year player age 67 and always look out for new picks.  Yours are sensational and over deliver. Comfort,  tone,  style &  a real improvement on any other thumb pick I tried.  I am reordering to turn some guitar pals on to this product! 

          Ps-  indestructible!?!?  Yes. I stepped lightly on one & it remained its integrity.  You ROCK!  Feel free to use this letter. Love the picks...

- Jake Bialos


My name is Torstein,, and I am a Norwegian guitar player from way north of the Arctic. I bought your picks, heavy gauge, a while back, and I must say they are the best ones I have ever played! I have now ordered some more, medium gauge, and I am sure they will be just as good!
Thank you so much for making these wonderful thumb picks!

Kind regards,



"I've been playing fingerstyle guitar for decades, (acoustic and electric) and have gone through virtually every thumb pick out there.  Your Black Mountain thumb pick is my favorite by far. I play fairly aggressively and have always had a problem with my thumb pick rotating on my thumb.  Somehow the spring-loaded design seems to keep it in place more successfully. The shape also allows me to get closer to the strings and damp strings more successfully with the heel of my hand.  Awesome work. I appreciate you thinking outside the traditional design."



"Fantastic product. I am new to thumb picks & in the early stages of familiarising myself to using one of these instead of just fleshy thumb & fingers. The spring loaded nature makes this a perfect and comfortable fit. Plus the ease of transition to using as a flat pick is brilliant. If you like alternating between picking & strumming this is the ideal product for you. Additionally, the customer service and follow up communication from the seller was great. I thoroughly recommend it."



I live in the Uk and ordered a pack of 3 of the new medium black mountain picks, and they came today. I couldn’t be more pleased with them, they are the best thumb picks I have ever used, I think the little hinge is ingenious and it holds the pick snugly on my thumb and won’t ping off anywhere like a normal pick tends to do with me lol. They really are brilliant little things and I’m relatively new to using a thumb pick so these will help no end - as will the great little information leaflet you get with them, with useful ideas on using the picks and even a lovely bit on tips for getting used to using a pick in the first place, they also came lovely packed with little wooden dowels inside to keep them in shape and to protect them from damage - oh and the little thankyou note for  buying and a little pic of Cole McBride all adds to the attention to detail that shows this is a company that cares what it produces and wants their customers to enjoy what they make. Cant thank you enough, will definitely recommend to anyone I know and will definitely be buying again (maybe some lights next time lol)

-Darren McNally

 "Hello...just wanted to say having a blast with your picks. Received a few weeks ago but (because of a fluke injury) couldn't play until today. I've been playing 40+ yrs but new to finger style. These are inspiring!



"Just received my picks today.  Thank you!!!!! I have always played a lot of hybrid-style stuff and always wished for something like this.  Hate most regular thumb picks and they don’t work anything like these. These are awesome and so I am going to order again so I can have one everywhere I need it.  This is a marvelous invention for people who need it. Thank you so much for putting your ideas into a great product that works."




"I wanted to write a note of appreciation for the great pick.  I ordered three earlier this spring and have found them to make it possible to continue playing guitar.  I am 65 years old and played since I was 8 (professionally for the last 38 years).  For the last five years I have been troubled by arthritis in my right thumb.  This has made holding a flatpick very uncomfortable and I would fatigue quickly and lose control.  Your pick has made a big difference. I think this is because I no longer need to grip the pick as tightly as before.  It is allowing me to continue a nearly lifelong activity with gusto.  Your promo material and endorsements are outstanding, but I’ve seen no mention of this great benefit.  My doctor tells me that this form of arthritis in the thumb is the most common arthritis so I bet there are other older guitar players out there that have experienced my issues and might benefit in a similar way.  Anyway, thanks!"




"I think you've nailed it! I've been trying to find something that works for years.  I've tried supergluing flat picks to cut-down thumb picks. The Black Mountain feels very natural and comfortable."




“Hi, I just had to take time to tell you about my picks you sent me. THEY ARE AWESOME! Best guitar pick I ever used. Wow, it makes the difference. Thanks so much for these.  I will use them and also refer people to you.”



"Awesome picks just ordered some more- these are just what I’ve needed 👍🎸🎶 thanks heaps"




"I wanted to follow up after using your picks for about a month. They have become the only picks I use for everything: electric, jazz, acoustic.  I do both flatpicking and fingerpicking. They immediately felt natural as a thumb pick. It took me about a week to become accustomed to them for flat picking, but once I did, I'm every bit as fast as I was with a flat pick.  Furthermore, they corrected a problem I'd had for years where I'd use the side of my thumb as a depth guide, which led to problems on the low E string. This thing is like part of my hand now."




“Cole, I received my picks this afternoon. I have been playing with one for an hour now, and I love it! First, I have always had a problem with a regular pick turning in my fingers. i have tried so many different types that are supposed to compensate for that but they don't work. I have tried using thumb picks as a regular pick but it always gets awkward on the up stroke. Just doesn't feel right. Second, I have to alternate types of picks, regular and thumb, between what I am playing. Your pick has solved all my problems in playing with a single pick! Can't thank you enough!”




"Great news! I received my picks! I really like them.

I have been "rolling my own" for years using a modified thumb pick and taping a regular pick to that. I really like the spring loaded approach. Super comfy!"




“Hello Cole. I'm writing to let you know I've received a couple of your thumb picks a few days ago and really enjoy playing with them! I'm a 30+ year fingerstyle player and have tried a great variety of thumb-picks over the years, but could never get used to the feel of them. Your spring-loaded pick felt and played great right away! They provide that nice loud bass I've wanted to achieve while travis picking with my thumb. My fingernails are very short (I chew them down like a child) so that bass was always lacking. Switching to picking with thumb and index finger is super easy also. I'll definitely be buying more in the future. Thanks!”




"Ordered my 3 pack of your pics the middle of last week, they came today, just 4 or 5 days since I ordered them. I really like them and I wanted to Thank you for the super fast service. Today that is rare with free shipping. Again thank you and stay safe during these difficult times. I will definitely recommend you to everyone I know."


"Just got ‘em.  Nice job. These are my goto now.   Soooo comfortable!"




"Love the picks. Thanks so much. I feel like I’ve been searching for these my whole life!"


"Tried one out and I'm a new convert for life!"




"Cole, I can not express how much i like your design of this thumb pick & how it has helped my playing, first off let me tell you i have been playing guitar over 50 years & im a mediocre player, i have always been pretty much of a picker but about 20 years ago i tore the muscle in my thumb which made it really hard for me to hold a pick for any length of time so i usually use my index finger as my pick & you know what that sounds like! I have tried conventional type thumb picks &they are ok but not what i  can get use to, i have tried making my own with everything from attaching rubber bands to velcro & always come up with a big wad of trouble, ive even tried super gluing picks to my finger & that works pretty good but makes it hard to pick your nose if you need to but anyhow let me just say Your Pick is a Dream come true !! you said try it for 50 hrs. well 5 minutes was all i needed and i can't express how much i appreciate your pick, THANK-YOU SO VERY MUCH !"    


"Anyone who’s interested in playing with a thumb pick these are for you!!! Coming from both a fingerstyle and jazz/rock/blues background this makes all of that possible without having to switch anything up. The pick feels very similar to a Dunlop jazz III. Definitely with the price and checking out, I’ve been using them for about 6 months now and they’ve given me some ability back that I’d lost when I lost my index finger 10 years ago in a workplace accident. Can’t praise these enough. They’re very comfortable as well."




"Great design. Works well as both a thumbpick and flatpick. The spring-loaded hinge applies just enough pressure to hold the pick securely on my thumb without squeezing it too tight. A very comfortable design."


"These Picks and this Company are Top Notch. I'd give them a 10 star rating if I could! I mean it the picks are amazing! Fit is perfect and the tone is incredible! I'm a lifer with Black Mountain Thumb picks."




"Great pick! Most of my playing is done with a flat pick, but I loved the sound of fingerpicking. That's why I tried the Black Mountain Thumb Pick, and I love it! It gives me the tone of the flat pick with the nuances of the additional fingers. Black Mountain Thumb Picks rock!!"



"This guitar pick is amazing!"



"This hybrid thumb/flatpick is perfect for switching between fingerstyle and regular picking.    Even if you're just flatpicking, you won't drop it and it won't slip or slide around. Very smart idea!"



"Love the Black Mountain pick. Great to be able to mix flat picking and 

finger picking in a song without having to figure out where to hold the 

flat pick! The combined function of this pick is brilliant!

One pick to rule them all!"




"I started playing with Black Mountain thumb pick six months ago and It’s flexible hinge makes for the perfect fit -I barely notice it’s there, light yet solid.  I love my thumb pick!"



"Fabulous pick! Strong, Great control, improved depth and warmth of guitar tone."



"It helps me focus more on playing than thinking about the pick. I'm surprised it hadn't been invented before! It just makes sense."





"Best picks ever. Highly recommend!"





"Best guitar picks that I ever bought . Makes the sound so clear. Love it."



"This pick has helped transformed my playing from sloppy and all over the place to calm and controlled. I've never liked the feel of thumb picks before the black mountain pick. The spring loaded piece hugs to your thumb with the perfect amount of pressure allowing for free movement of the other fingers. The tip is machined like some bluegrass picks Ive paid a hefty price for, and the pick weight is heavy giving lots of power for minimal effort, which in turn let's you have a more relaxed hand. A great product for a great price. I ordered 4 right from Black Mountain and shipping was on par and the packaging makes sure your picks arrive in top condition without piles of plastic. Top Notch!"



"These things are simply awesome! No regrets with my purchase! Thanks Cole!"



"Ordered my picks on March 31 and I got them today April 9 that is some fast shipping can’t wait to try them out this weekend."





"Still getting used to the thick pick but it helps my arthritic thumb and I don’t flip the pick into the sound hole anymore. They’re worth it just for that."



"Absolutely LOVE these! I play heavier but bluesy rock, and wanted to be able to finger pick to add some more blues sound to my playing, but wanted to be able to double pick, and do pinch harmonics. Regular thumb picks are too long to hit pinch harmonics with, I found myself cutting them down. These are SOOO much better! ONLY slight complaint I would give would be, they could be just a very slight touch shorter for me because of the pinch harmonics factor, and that's it!!!!!"





"I received my picks super quick and for the past week or two it’s all that I play with. The upstroke is super smooth when fingerpicking and works well for a thumb strum. It sits at a perfect position for flatpicking, although it does take a bit of getting used to. Thanks for creating this awesome product!"





"Yes.. fantastic picks.. just struck gold w/ these ..very comfy ..for Dobro, Bottleneck Slide, Steel, Acoustic fingerstyle, to flatpicking too ..it covers it all ..!!!"



"I've been looking for something like this for years!!! It's a game changer!"



"I was skeptical but ordered two anyway. These work better than any flat/thumb pick hybrid I’ve tried. I hang on to these for dear life"





"Just got this thumb pick from Cole. I love it! They come in sets of three, so I get to give the others to a couple other Guitar League pickers."



"I learned to play with a thumb pick. I’ve tried many. I bought 3 of these picks and I love them."



"Just got my picks from Black Mountain. The past few years was using a pick because I would always drop them and traditional thumb picks were awkward. After trying these I was amazed how effortless it was to flat pick or finger pick. I highly recommend them."


"Mine arrived yesterday and I have been playing non stop. Excellent invention. Thank you black mnt picks!"




"Got ‘em. Love ‘em!! First thumb picks that have ever worked for me. Well done!!"


"Just purchase and received, very well made and sound great!"


"Got mine, today, and love them. Opens up another door. No regrets, at all. Thanks."



"I rarely buy off FB either but they looked interesting. I ordered two. Very inexpensive and free shipping. Why not.? Love them and I play banjo !! Very comfortable. Thank you !"



"I got some of these last week. They are fabulous. Comfortable and perfect tone to go with my fingers. Great invention. better than any thumbpick i ever used. They only took a week to get here too!"




"I got mine a few days ago and not being a thumb picker I figured it was going to be a waste of money but man was I wrong! I have spent more time with this pick and love it! Who knows, now I may get decent at thumb picking! I will be ordering a few more in the near future. Great product!"


"I ordered 2 of these and have got to say they work great. I developed some arthritis in the right hand and holding onto the pick was becoming a problem. This works like a charm."



"Just received my order. These are the best thumb picks I've ever used."



"Probably the most comfortable thumb pick I've ever owned. Definitely a great idea, and I'm glad I bought them. Thanks."




"My wife loves her Black Mountain picks! Thank you. They arrived as promised, well packed and fast!"



"perfect fit and great tone. Best thumb pick I've ever used."




"Got mine and I LOVE them! I'd been trying to create my own version of the same thing and then found yours - perfect!"




 "I received my two picks about two weeks ago and have been playing with them since. 

I liked them at first but love them now. It’s made me a better player, picker and strummer. In fact, I’ve played more since i got them then in years. 
Kudos to you and your company! I’ll be ordering more ASAP."



"Your pics are just the best flat/thumb pic ever made : I finally can play an entire song, including the solo and feel safe and comfortable. Thank you"




"I just got my order and these are fantastic."




"Love these picks! Thanks Cole!"



"Hello Cole, 
   Just got my first order of picks today.  Wanted to say how pleased I am. I will be ordering more. Going to show them to all my studio clients as well. Probably going to have to keep them locked up so they don’t walk off."
- Michael 




I wanted to let you know that I just FINALLY FOUND MY THUMBPICK!!  After  years of searching and at least 20 different picks, I am SO impressed with this design.  No more blue thumb, love the tone with the pick. Hands down the most comfortable thumb pick and it looks bad ass too!! Played for hours yesterday 

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!"

- Kirk



 "Thanks,Cole. Just got my Black Mountain Picks & they are awesome... works great with my Weisennborn Lap Steele also. Thanks again"




 "I had the tip of my right thumb amputated. After trying dozens of finger/thumb pick options, I’d pretty much given up. Black Mountain is the first thumb pick I’ve found that actually fits and works. It took just two or three practice sessions to feel comfortable with this awesome pick. It’s already my preferred pick for acoustic or electric. Thank you, Black Mountain!"




"It's refreshing to find a product that actually works as well as you hope it will. Great idea!"




"Mine just arrived today! I love them! Most comfortable thumb pick I have ever owned and used!"




"Just letting you know I got my picks. just used for about an hour or so, much better than other thumb picks I've had--love the feel and way they fit on my thumb. Thanks."




"I received my black mountain picks in the mail today. I have used all kinds of thumb picks (probably every one on the market). I will NEVER buy any of them again! The more I use your pick the more I like it! Thank you for making a great product."




"Received mine and I have to say they are great. Fit very comfortable on the thumb. I practice nearly three hours daily and am quite use to a blue thumb. Sometimes would have to take pick off to rest my thumb, but THIS PICK IS A GAME CHANGER. Thanks!"




"I just got my Black Mountain Picks and am totally impressed. I've been using picks for the last 5-6 years and while they work fine, they usually break at the point where your hinge is after a few dozen hours of play. They are especially fragile for strumming. Everything about your design fits my thumb and playing style instantly. I have high hopes for their durability."




"Cole, Received today! Man I like these! My nails are thin and I don’t want the artificials glued to my fingers. Regular thumb picks are numbing, too tight. These are very sweet! Thanks"




"Cole, I just received my thumbpicks today. I have tried no less than ten different manufacturer's thumbpicks. I was never able to find one that was comfortable and felt natural. I must say, from the moment I slipped your onto my thumb, I was in love. This pick is the best I've ever tried. Thank you. I look forward to recommending your picks to all of my guitar buddies!!"




"Hey, Spencer from Texas. 
Guitar player for 40 years. The 1st twenty years i tried various finger picks here and there and quickly decided i didnt need that in my life. 
The last 20 ive moved into fingerstyle with 80% of my playing. I could never achieve  what i wanted because I COULDN'T play with a thumb pick. I practiced hours and hours and hours and it always felt like i was trying to play with aomeone elses fingers. I NEVER progressed. 
I received the BM picks in the mail a few days ago, ive made more progress in 1 hour than all the previous years combined. 
Im sold! 
Thank you." 

"Just a note to ‘close the loop’ and let you know that I received my order in the mail today, in perfect condition I might add.  Thank You for carefully packing the product with the dowel as support to avoid them being crushed…great idea.  The fit is quite comfortable, not too tight nor too loose and the flexibility of the pick strikes a nice middle ground – not too flexible but not too heavy or stiff..  Looking forward to incorporating their use into my playing…as you point out in the note you provided I anticipate the pick will be quite adaptable to thumb picking and fingerstyle.  Thanks again!"







"Love it,really comfortable,wouldn't go back."



"I am loving this pick!  Back story - I am pick challenged! I fingerpick a lot (without picks) and am a terrible flat picker. Can't seem to hold on to them and consequently, don't use them. I'm only about 5 hours in and LOVING your very clever design. I am confident that if I put the time in, my playing will move up a notch. Thank you!"




"Received my first three thumbpicks!
Fell in love immediately!
Thanks so much and looking forward to future lighter gauge thumbpicks."



"Thanks Cole,

I absolutely love these picks!!! I’ve been trying out different thumb picks for
about  the last 10 years. I’ve never been able to find one that I was totally 
happy with. Finally my search is over!!!! I have a lot of friends that are
guitar players and I’ll be telling them about how awesome these picks are.
Thanks again for all your help and Great customer service."



"Got mine today! After years of using thumb picks I can honestly say this is the most comfortable one I’ve ever used. I’ll definitely be buying more when some different gages come out."




"Received my picks yesterday. Did a casual session with one on the couch, last night. It felt and sounded really good. This morning I spent the last 45 minutes with it. Hands down the best thumb pick I have tried. I am not an expert with a thumb pick, but, the comfort alone is already letting me play pieces that I could never do with any other thumb pick. It does not traumatize my thumb like most thumb picks do after only a few minutes of playing. I will try to get a good video of something soon. Thank you, Cole for a wonderful addition to my pick collection and letting me explore new tones for pieces that I had to previously play with no pick at all."




"I got my Black Mountain Picks in the mail and I love them. I adapted to using it right away. Great design!"




"40 year player here. I play mostly finger style. I've tried numerous finger picks over the years and I could never get used to them. They made me feel like I was trying to play with someone elses fingers.
I ordered some of Black Mountains on a whim at the beginning of the covid thing, thinking I have plenty of time- why not. They arrived about a week ago. I wasn't expecting my experience to be any different than the hundred I'd tried before. Wrong! These pics feel great! I achieved more playability in an hour than I did with all the other pics combined,
I decided to go natural and grew my nails out on my picking hand about 3 years ago. I couldn't incorporate my thumb because the angle is wrong, but now I can with the Black Mountains. I'm excited about that!
My 2 cents..."




"Hello Cole:
Although I really didn't have any complaints about my current thumb
picks, I always have to try out the "new thing." Usually, I'm disappointed.
The Black Mountain Hybrid Pick is a rare exception to this. I tried it
out on my resonator guitar and was pleasantly surprised. I expected the
pick to turn on my thumb, but it didn't at all.
Thanks for a fine product."



"Can I just say I got my picks last week and they feel like a second skin. I used a thumb pick when I started playing as a teen, however haven't used one in decades. Every time I try to go back... it just doesn't feel right. These picks, I'm loving! Thank you!!!"




"I now own and love these picks! I'm looking forward to medium and light gauge versions for different uses"




"These pucks are game changing. Incredible. By far the most comfortable thumb pick ever."




"I love my Black Mountain pick!"




"A few weeks ago I ordered some picks. Must say they exceeded my expectations. Most comfortable and playable I've ever worn, but I've only been wearing picks for about 55 years. So, it's early yet."




"These picks changed my tone, style & overall sound. Buy them!!"




"The picks are awesome!
As I have gotten older my skin has become very dry (lotion only helps for a short time). Picks have become hard to grip.
These picks are a godsend. Not only do they solve my problem but I also have the convenience of both a flat pick and and thumb pick without having to stop and change."




I love the Black Mountain Pick! I have arthritis in both hands. I cannot hold on to a regular flat pick! I had been using a thumb pick all the time. With the Black Mountain pick, I can now flat pick 👍




"Got mine in the mail today. Just what ive been needing for years. Great if you play country and rock !"




"Got my first order and love them!"




"Took delivery of my first Black Mountain picks yesterday Wow! I have tried numerous thumb picks over the years and have never got on with any of them. These are just so easy to use. I had no trouble picking with these from the first tune. I can’t wait to see what they are like after 50 hours playing. 50 minutes and I’m sold already. Thank you very much. Great service too by the way. 😀😀😀"




"Just wanted to thank you for getting my order to me so quickly....and tell you how awesome your picks are .I was very skeptical at first but when I used them the results were incredible...thank you again ...I will be ordering more in the future."




"I just got my 3 picks today and have started using them straight away. I am used to playing with a thumbpick on some tunes, and a flatpick on others, as such I have taken to the Black Mountain pick almost immediately!

Thanks for a great product, I look forward to developing my playing with it, I can sense a lot of avenues opening up."




"I just ordered two of these and use them on four and five string bass. Now I can do tapping with All four fingers of my right hand and still have access to the pick. Can now go from fingers to pick on the same riff without dropping a pick, then taking my one from the mic stand. One of the most inovative things I've seen and even though I've only had it for 10 days, it's already become a mandatory must have item for my playing. My band has noticed to. At first they couldn't figure out what I was doing or how I was doing it. Then I showed them the pick. They were impressed. Thank you for a great product"




"Love these picks. Easy to use, sound great🎸🎼🎧🎤👍"




"I just received my order, and am in love with them!"




"Just got my black mountain thumb picks from Cole in Nova Scotia Canada. Absolutely love them looking forward to digging in to some more playing on my Korina Flying V with these."




"Picks arrived today Thank You. Very comfortable and first ones to actually fit my thumb."



"I received my order of picks yesterday. This is perhaps the best thumb pick I've ever used. I'm a guitar player and have played with all sorts of flat picks for years. A few months back I picked up a 6 string banjo and have been trying to work on my right hand technique. I hate thumb picks. Haha. They're just awkward for me. But your pick feels as close to "natural" to me as any thumb pick I've tried. I have a huge collection of different ones I've tried. My accuracy and speed improved within minutes of putting this pick on. And thanks to the spring, it doesn't hurt my thumb like a normal thumb pick. Very impressed with your product.

Thanks for providing such a fantastic product to the music world!" 



"Initial impression....Awesome!"




"I bought one recently. It was fantastic ! Stays stable on my thumb and flat picks excellent ! I fully enforce this product! Thank you !"




"great feel and they are inspiring my crossover into more finger style. love them"




"Love this pick, please keep me informed on your future product. I brought three picks and my students beg me for one. So there all gone. I will be ordering more."




"Love the product, will be buying a set of 3 for a friend shortly."




"Hi Cole,
I am delighted with the picks that arrived yesterday. Your reassurance to my query put me at ease. Now I am working towardS clocking up the recommended 50 hours. Already I feel good using it. Thank you for this fine innovation.
Best wishes,
-Joseph in Perth, Australia.



"Saw these and thought, “what the heck!” Can’t hurt to try a couple! Been playing guitar for nearly 60 years and finger pick for at least 50. Tried all types of thumb picks, usually ended up just using my thumb or flat pick. Since I got these, I can’t put my guitars down! Feels like an extension of my thumb rather than an addition to! Didn’t need the 50 hours to get used to it! Also play 12 string which takes more getting used to, but much better control! Great product, and truly an improvement—not a gimmick! Even Chet Atkins would have been thrilled! Thank you!"




"Thanks my picks have just arrived. I must say I’m impressed with the quality and after a quick play  I think they will work for me. I play Bass and swap between playing with fingers and pick by palming a pick in my hand , now no more dropped picks and it frees up my fingers. 👍"




"Hi Cole, just wanted you to know the packet of picks arrived today. Unbelievable! One week from US to Germany!! 

Have only played for about 20mins or so and working way, way better than anything else👍
Background :- I had a stroke a few years ago and at the moment must use only my thumb. But I cannot using upstrokes and cos I can't anchor the pick with my index finger, after a few minutes thumb picks inveriably fall off. So after 20mins things must be headed in the right direction😊
Oh, and all those little wooden dowels included will come in mighty handy. 
Brilliant job



"Hello...just wanted to say having a blast with your picks. Received a few weeks ago but (because of fluke injury) couldn't play until today. I've been playing 40+ yrs but new to finger style. These are inspiring! Thanks"




"I got a couple of your picks and they are the most comfortable thumb picks I have ever used. Congratulations on a great first product."




"Hi guys!
Got my pics
Amazing technology



"I am a 75 year old woman, whose dream was to learn to play the guitar. Have had my guitar for about 5 years now. My trouble with regular picks, was, I continued to drop them. When I saw these, I decided to give them a try. I ordered 3 and received them about a week ago. Just tried them 2 days ago. They are super!!! Thank you for making these Black Mountain picks available."




"Hi, arrived today, great product, thank you for making this."

Best regards,



"Hi there ! Just wanted to say thanx for the fast shipping- I received the picks a few days ago, and so far, I think they’re fantastic. I’ve tried sooooo many different things, making my own, filing down traditional thumbpicks, ,Bumblebee´s, etc., etc…..
I think this is by far the best solution I´ve encountered. I play alot, in different bands, very different styles….so I need to re-adjust my playing when I do my originals, and this really helps."




"My order of picks arrived today. Very quick shipping to germany👍thanks. Awesome invention. I'm realy excited, switching from flat to fingerpicking is very easy and it's comfortably on thumb."



"Hey, I just got your picks. I ordered them off your Etsy store. I’m blown away. I’m not, nor will I ever be, some amazing musician. I’m just a guy that loves playing guitar. I’m learning to pick some more after playing for awhile and am so happy with these. I tried thumb picks in the past but discarded them due to discomfort and difficulty with consistency as I have bigger thumbs and am not someone who had picked for years. It was a whole new adjustment. Anyway I put one on and was playing “well” with it in about 15 min. After about 30 minutes I was changing some dynamics in things Ive been playing as I can hear my bass notes better and I can accent notes better with the pick that I wasn’t able get with just my fingers. It adds some cool options for me and I’m just overall really happy I came across your ad and got these. I was getting a little bored with what I was playing lately but this picked it up again for me. I just wanted to say thank you."




"Your Pick is just SUPER!!!"





I bought one of your picks to try out on dobro and pedal steel on the recommendation of Steve Dawson on the "Music Makers and Soul Shakers" podcast. I really didn't expect to replace my other thumbpicks but I love your pick! The 1.5mm is perfect for these guitars. Looking forward to receiving my back-ups for my new favorite pick."



"Ya he recibido tus púas. 
He estado jugando con mi acustica, mi slide y mis nuevas púas ..
He disfrutado jugando toda la tarde.
Buen trabajo amigo tus púas son de sobresaliente.
Un saludo.."



"Hi Cole!

Picks arrived today.
Very beautiful, Thanks!!"


Hi Cole,

I just received your picks on the 4th of July in the mail.  I tried them out immediately.  I have to tell you that I have tried various thumb picks throughout the last 20 years...and could never find a pick that properly fit or stayed on my thumb when I fingerpicked. They were either too tight or too loose. Yours seem to be perfect...and they lend a "light" touch to the strings of my Taylor guitars...especially my GC5 Taylor...which is a smaller body guitar made just for picking!  The thumb spring seems to be keeping the pick held in place without my thumb feeling much pressure...almost like it's not there!!!  Thanks again for an idea whose time has come!!!!



"Great product - has good mojo. I will tell my friends! Spread the love! Cheers"




Hi Cole,
Got your picks this morning, love them instantly
Sometimes play with a thumb pick, my preferred one is quite small so no good for flat picking. Your spring mechanism is brilliant, who'd a thought?!!! I thought it felt a little loose before I tried playing with it, but no, it's perfect, keeps stable and won't give you blue finger. Thank you very much.



"Whether it's a several thousand dollar guitar or a pick that is basically an impulse buy, my measure of good gear is if it inspires or allows me to create something I couldn't before. You guys hit it out of the park here. Been playing for decades and never quite wrapped my head around finger picking until I got this pick. Everything feels solid when I'm using it as a thumb pick and the traditional shape lets me go back to a standard pick on the fly. Definitely one of my favorite purchases of late."



"Greetings from the UK!
Wow, talk about a game changer - I am never going to use any other pick, and believe me, at my advanced stage of life, I've been through a few!"


Hey Cole,
I just wanted to say thanks for finally figuring out how to make a proper thumbpick ! Been playing finger style and rock/folk music for 40 years. Learned with a thumb pick but never found one that was comfortable or fit right. Always fling them off about halfway through the song. It did take a few days of “nope, this isn’t right either” but after that it’s been all I use!



Thank you for shipping my order so fast.
 I’ve always found thumb picking with metal and plastic thumb picks difficult, since I’ve felt that I lose the connection I need to have with my guitar when playing. I’ve seen ads and some videos for Black Mountain, so I decided to ask on an online forum for guitarists if anyone here in Norway had tried them out. After a couple of days I received a message from a complete stranger that he could mail me one of his picks so I could try them out, and I have to say I’m utterly impressed!
I’ve been rehearsing with it only for a couple of days and need plenty more hours before I’m really comfortable using it, but I know for sure that I will be. It’s opened up a new world of possibilities and I’m loving it! Now I’ll be able to strum using a pick and go right back to finger picking without losing tone, volume or intensity. And I know where my thumb is all the time because I can feel the strings through the pick 😄
So I just wanted to say thanks, you’ve done a great job. I ordered seven, because then I can give a couple away too so people can try them out at home and start loving them too. Hopefully it’ll generate more business for you 😊
- Johnny

I have spent years experimenting with picks to make them behave. Flat picks spin between my finger/thumb, and standard thumb picks never fit properly. You have solved both problems.  Well done!

- Paul
Hey Cole,

Received my order for 3 of your thumb picks and I wanted to commend you on a great idea, well designed and manufactured, and what I can see becoming a very useful addition to my playing. I have covered everything from thumb style ala Wes, and fingers ala Knopfler, but I love having the ability to move from finger style work to flat pick without interrupting the creative flow when I don’t want to feature that skin on string sound. I played Scruggs style banjo for a while as a teen many years ago, so I have a certain amount of muscle memory locked in from that thumb pick work, but this design with the spring is so comfortable the ease of picking either thumb or plectrum feels very natural.

That’s it. Just wanted to acknowledge you for creating and bringing to the marketplace such a cool tool for players. I’ll be back to order more, and I’ll spread the word out here in California where I do most of my picking.
- Stephen
Dear Cole:
My brother-in-law and I shared an order of your picks to try them out. I normally use picks only occasionally because of the annoyance of trying to keep up with them.
But your pick is the cat's meow. I will place another order when my boss (the wife) gives me my next allowance. Congratulations for your new and innovative product. It's one of the neatest things I've seen in many years.
Over the years, I have purchased many thumb picks. This pick is in a class of its' own. I've been using them now for about two weeks. I don't play without them now. The other picks I've used were either too clunky or too tight. This pick feels like it belongs on my thumb. Love them!!
Dear Black MT Picks,  
Loving my Black Mountain Picks.  Shared one with a friend and one with my wife.  They just may be the first thumb picks that I can actually use.  Thanks, 
Whoa!! Just spent my first hour with this ingenious designed pick!! Fifty years I've been practicing!!! Already,I'm really excited about my baselines!!! Holy! This will finally add the perfection to my sound. Way to go Cole...wish you huge success,and,thanks! I look forward to when this becomes totally natural extension of my hand
Hi Cole-I received your picks today, thank you so much!!! I was torn between using a flat pick, and using the “Herco” flat thumpicks until I got your picks today. It did take a while to get used to them but I’ve been playing a long time and have over the years played stuff from basic rock to Doc Watson, Dire Straits, and a million other influences going back to the folk and blues years of the 60’s,
Your picks have made it a lot easier. I have sent one to an old “duo” mate of mine and I will be singing their praises on FB. Fecking brilliant. I actually start playing again in public on the 4th of next month after Covid and I’m sure the picks will be the “bees knees”. So to speak. Thank you again. All the best for the future-I hope you make a killing, you deserve it.
Hey Cole
Just got my picks in the mail yesterday and wanted to give you a shout out about them. They have already lived up to the hype i had read about them. They feel fantastic, I'm having a hard time putting my guitar down. 
You make a great product i will certainly recommend them to anyone in my circle. Keep up the good work my friend!
Cole, I wasn't able to play as much as I liked over the holidays, but I've sat down and really gave them a workout this week.
They are the perfect gauge for strumming.  It's a perfect pick for strumming.  Full stop.  Even if I didn't like them for fingerpicking or leads, I would use them for strumming.
...but they're also great for fingerpicking!  If anything, I feel like they're faster without sacrificing too much sound.  I spent a silly amount of time going back and forth between the gauges, thumbpicking to hear the volume difference.  I'm certain it's there, but I really don't notice it when I'm playing.  This is the best of both worlds.  Thank you for having the vision to make this product.