Introducing the

Black Mountain Slide Ring!

Black Mountain Slide Ring

Half the Size, Twice the control!

Made from Tungsten Steel

Tungsten Steel is very dense which results in a fantastic tone for slide guitar

Almost as hard as diamond, Tungsten steel is highly resistant to abrasion

Ultra-smooth surface finish!

The sound of a full-sized slide in a slide ring!

The Freedom Slide!

Switch between traditional and slide guitar, on the fly, whenever you feel the urge!

Revolutionary design allows you to play with four fingers, the way you normally play.

You can bar, fret, play four-finger chords, four-finger scales.

There are no limits with the Black Mountain Slide Ring!

Check out this demo by Justin Johnson!

In this video, RJ Ronquillo demonstrates the new Tungsten version of the Black Mountain Slide Ring!

Spring fit for maximum comfort and stability.


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Black Mountain Cole McBride

Made for guitar players, by a guitar teacher

The Black Mountain Slide Ring was invented by a full-time guitar teacher, Cole McBride.

This utility-patented invention allows guitar players to switch between slide guitar and regular guitar on the fly!

A new style of slide guitar!

Traditional slides are tubes that cover your pinky or ring finger. This forces you to adapt to playing with 3 fingers which can take a long time to master. The Black Mountain Slide Ring lets you play slide guitar whenever you want to without sacrificing the use of your pinky or ring finger!

Thanks to this innovative slide ring, you can play four-finger chords, four-finger scales, bar with your pinky and ring finger, but still have the option to slide whenever you want to!  

Our spring-fit design assures comfort and stability. Plus, the added mass of Tungsten steel means that you get the tone of a full-sized slide packed into the versatility of a slide ring.

If you’re a beginner, the Black Mountain Slide Ring is the perfect first slide and is an incredible gateway into the world of slide guitar. If you’re a pro, the Black Mountain Slide Ring is an essential addition to your tool chest and will unlock a myriad of creative possibilities.

The traditions of slide guitar are beautiful and expressive because they explore the spaces between the notes and allow guitar players to break out of the confines of the frets. With the Black Mountain Slide Ring, you can journey freely between these worlds, without being locked into either style. You can switch between regular guitar and slide guitar whenever you feel the urge!  

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